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I recently harvested my first cucumbers (pictured above). In fact they are some of the first things that I have ever grown (aside from herbs), and I could not be happier.

I was so taken with the whole process of picking the vegetables right off of the vine, then eating them minutes later. It was fresh and beautiful, and it left me feeling happy, contented, and energized. I actually felt physically energized, as if I had eaten good fuel, so to speak.

Working with this fresh food really stimulated my imagination as well, which I hadn’t necessarily expected. I felt an enthusiasm for experimenting, and trying to highlight these fresh cucumbers.

Throughout the whole process of working with these fresh vegetables, and then ultimately getting to eat them, I also felt a real connection to the earth, and to nature that is sometimes lost in my daily life.

It really is a beautiful way, and I think I may be falling head over heels in love with garden to table cooking.

Dishes made with these cucumbers:
Cucumber Herb Salad with a Poached Egg
Cucumber Orange and Spinach Salad

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