AI has tremendous utility and applicability for improving business processes and content creation. However, we feel that it is important for visitors, readers, viewers, consumers, customers, and users to know if, and when, content has been generated in whole or in part by AI, so that they can interact with, and process that content with greater awareness.

With that in mind, we are committed to a path of self disclosing origination information about our content. We see this as the best interim measure until:

  • A viable signature technology/functionality/methodology exists for signing/imprinting/watermarking AI generated content, that is not dependent on self disclosure, and is difficult or impossible to spoof.
  • A viable framework/functionality/platform exists that can check for an AI signature, and return a response to indicate whether content is tagged as being generated by AI.
  • Legislation exists to ensure that AI generated content is tagged as such.


  • A method is created to independently detect AI generated content.

Content Origination Legend

  • HGC (Human Generated Content) – Content tagged with only HGC is content that was solely generated by a human, without any AI input(s).
  • AIGC (AI Generated Content) – Content tagged with only AIGC is content that was solely generated by AI.
  • HGC/AIGC (Human Generated Content / AI Generated Content) – Content tagged with HGC/AIGC is content that was generated by both human and AI inputs.