Garden To Table – Beans

Garden To Table - Beans
As I continue my exploration into gardening, I continue to be amazed by what sprouts and actually produces fruits and vegetables.

Pictured above, are Pinto and Great Northern beans. I took several beans out of store-bought bags that had been in the pantry for several months, and planted them – not fully expecting anything to grow.

When plants sprang up, and bean pods eventually formed, I was blown away. To practiced gardeners, this sensation might seem histrionic, or hyperbolic, but I keep finding myself stepping into spaces of wonder and amazement throughout this process (and I suspect the wonder and amazement of it all is part of what draws these practiced gardeners back, each day, and each season).

I’m finding that there is a lot that can be learned from watching life spring into living, and from watching things grow.

To describe it as a metaphor for life is inaccurate. It is life. It is life living, and at every turn it is revealing itself to the observer. And, through quiet observation, mystical insights seem to arrive.

Life is in everything – everything is in everything.

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