Breakfast Boards Make Breakfast an Event

Soft Boiled Egg Breakfast Board

Soft Boiled Egg Breakfast Board

Food boards are seeing a rise in popularity, and for good reason. With relatively little effort, you can create a nice and bountiful spread that can easily be scaled up for any number of guests. They can also be as casual or as fancy as you want to make them, and they can be served as appetizers, or for any meal of the day.

Breakfast boards are a great and quick way to get breakfast on the table when you’re pressed for time, or just don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. And there’s no feeling of compromise, because the result is a great spread that feels like a party or an event.

Just decide on several things that work well together, arrange them on any board – or number of boards – that you have, place it on the table, and breakfast is served.

Think variety when composing your board as well, and add several different kinds of things, along with variations of similar things.

Fruit (fresh and dried), nuts, bread, crackers, and cheeses also work well on food boards, no matter what meal you’re serving. More breakfast-style fare like eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, and the like, are also great additions to your breakfast board. And remember to add your condiments like jams, honey, compound butters, and savory sauces.

If you’re ever in doubt about what to add to your board, or find yourself running out of ideas, add something pickled. For whatever reason – it is in fact a law of the universe – most anything that is pickled will be at home on your food board, whether it’s breakfast or any other meal.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to think “finger foods” when planning your board, and try to make the majority of items on your board ones that can easily be served by hand. Allowing everyone to serve themselves is also part of the fun of a breakfast board, and it makes for a fun, party-like atmosphere.

Breakfast boards are also great for holiday mornings, or when you have houseguests. Just place a breakfast board on the table, everyone can eat casually, the conversation will flow, and you’ll have an instant event.

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