5 Things to Do with Broccoli Stalks

Broccoli stalks are sometimes thought of as throw-away items. Even if you don’t like the idea of just throwing them away, they have a tendency to sit in your refrigerator until they’re in a state that doesn’t give you much choice. Knowing how to work with the ingredient is the first step.

In most cases, except juicing, you’ll want to start by peeling the stalks. This removes the hard, fibrous, outer skin that’s not particularly pleasant to eat, and leaves you with the core of the stalk that has a much nicer texture and flavor.

At this point, creativity is your friend. You could treat the stalks like a root vegetable and purĂ©e, sautĂ©, or roast them, or treat them like another cruciferous vegetable – like cabbage – and make a slaw. You could even juice them with other fruits and vegetables.

The fun part is just re-imagining, rethinking, and reworking an ingredient that might otherwise go to waste.

Check out these recipes for inspiration.

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